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Cultural Offers


TV series


Africa being the cradle of civilization, the starting point of humanity, the first humans have created paintings since the beginning of time. The art of painting is part of the genes of humanity.


Acte SEPT has been involved in promoting, supporting and exhibiting painters from Mali and then from all over West Africa.


If you want to improve your visual arts exhibitions with painters from West Africa, we are the reference.

The television series is a form of visual expression that has received its acclaim and joins a large world population. The scenography, the staging, the production and the production are ensured by Acte SEPT, which brings to the scene the diversity and creativity of the performing arts since 1994.

Viewers around the world have multiple choices of TV channels, and offers continue to grow with the advent of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other visual media on the internet that offer exclusive productions and great qualities.

In your service offer, program directors would benefit from viewing our pilot drums and offering unique, professional and high-quality products.

Since the dawn of time, Africa has an oral tradition that is the envy of the world. The tales and stories from this continent are rich in interest.


This is why Acte SEPT has several film projects with unpublished stories, suspense, intrigue at the height of the greatest productions. The huge box office success of Black Panther has revealed the excitement of an international audience featuring this underrated continent of Africa.


Our greatest desire would be to take advantage of this international phenomenon to enable us to produce film productions with talented authors, with smaller budgets of course, but of exemplary quality. Who will give us the chance to finally produce African talent to the rest of the world?

Visual Arts




Photography is a very popular art in West Africa. With a gender parity, many female and male artists stand out for their immense talents.

Act SEPT through its trainings, workshops and exhibitions has recruited a catalog of high quality photographic artists.

The images as much of the landscapes, its ecosystems and its population are of great wealth for international exhibitions.

We can participate in your photographic exhibitions with talents of great local fame who will be the international talents of tomorrow with topics of interest according to your preferred themes.

The popularity of African sculpture transcends borders, these are the most sought-after and coveted works by tourists. African sculpture also has a very long history and its artists are of an imagination at the height of their abilities with noble materials. Despite the lack of resources, both financial and material, these artists produce works of art of an exceptional quality.

SEPT Act gathers the most imposing artists of sculpture and has an impressive amount of genres, traditional, ethnic, contemporary and others.

You who are interested in African sculpture, join us and help these artists to live from their art, they deserve it.

The visual arts have an important history in Africa. Act SEPT has been involved for 25 years with artists from French-speaking Africa to develop local talent. Training, creative sessions, coaching, exhibitions are part of the mission of the organization.

We have expertise at your service to fuel your art exhibition projects at all levels.

Pottery, jewelry, montages, textiles, and all forms of visual arts are part of our service offering with professional artists of great talents.