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Cultural Offers




The performing arts are really the spearheads of the Acte SEPT cultural association. Theater is the key element of its service offering. We offer you, as we have done several times over the last twenty-five (25) years, to partner with us to organize international tours by participating in your programming or co-production.

Many artists in Africa have trouble living their art. Help us contribute to the African theatrical boom, your financial contribution, your support, your commitments to us are essential conditions for our survival.

In the "Projects" section of this site, you will find capsules on our theatrical productions, our festival of the theater of realities and we will update this section with archive documents and news of today with our achievements.

Take the time to properly evaluate our potential for creation, staging, production, co-production with other companies to help us make the African theater live.

Act Seven has a long history with music in West Africa. Many African artists have started their apprenticeships, then started their local, regional, national, continental and several international careers.

Africa is full of talented musicians, in all genres of music, including instrumental music with traditional or contemporary instruments, folk music, hip-hop, rap, rock, jazz, reggae, all world music, in fact all musical genres are present in Africa.

From original compositions to Western interpretations to African flavor, your world music festivals, to instrumental music programming, your taste for African music can be fulfilled by associating with us for your project.

We produce the artists, their works will be available soon on iTunes, Google Music and other platforms. We will also have an online store, contribute to our success in this fantastic project to broadcast African music around the world.

All of you know that African dance and costumes have a millennial tradition and you have already appreciated it.

Dancers in West Africa have had a hard time performing in recent years because of the geopolitical insecurity, which is extremely sad.

We invite you to join us, you who have a dance company, who organize festivals or dance performances to associate you with us.

We have a lot of talent in Africa, a way of doing things specific to our identity. You wish to learn and appropriate the arts of the African movement, to communicate with us, we are able to carry out distant knowledge transfer with the new technologies.

Dance artisans in Africa need you all !

Scenic Arts




The staging brings together all kinds of artistic expressions. Theater, music, dance, productions, and scripts require directors who have the expertise. Acte SEPT trains directors through training workshops and in its productions allows its directors to practice their profession.

Once again, the situation in Mali is difficult for everyone, especially for people in the industry. We firmly believe that we have all the means to reach our peers globally and offer them our cultural offer through the use of new technologies.

If you are able to support financially or in partnership, or just to contribute personally, all the help available would be beneficial.

Since 1994, Acte SEPT produces artistic events, produces a biennial theater festival in Sikasso in Mali, trains and encourages artisans to perform in an environment that promotes creativity and relevance.

The cultural offer we offer is based on collaboration and partnership. Co-productions are welcome.

The insecure environment in Mali enclaves us, not only geographically, but internally. It is very difficult for us to produce artistic events as we were used to, because the climate of violence in some places makes these productions impossible.

For a question of survival, for the sake of culture, help us to overcome this difficult period that goes on forever.

Scripting is the driving force behind all good artistic performances. Without a good scenario, all that can be presented is speculation. With a good scenario, all arts professions come together around a common goal and the better the screenplay, the more important the rendering is.

Despite the difficult situation, talented screenwriters continue to write, to cogitate, to develop stories that can be played, danced or even told!

Africa has talents that are struggling to survive. This is the main reason for this site and our desire to internationalize our cultural offer to find concrete solutions to problems that are not our responsibility.

You who are in the industry, who work in the arts or who are simply interested in African culture and the fate of the people who compose it, help us to finance projects that will meet the basic needs of our people filled with talents.