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Novels and literary essays are two genres that are losing steam in West Africa. The authors have a hard time editing their works, but thanks to your generosity, your implication is that we will succeed in supporting this important activity for a people and promoting African culture to those interested in world culture.

From this unfortunate observation, the population does not have access to reading and perpetuates its oral tradition. A people can demonstrate their pride, appropriate an education, seek to maximize their abilities through reading. This is why Accte SEPT has an important library and makes the works available to its population. The lack of financial means does not allow us to publicize and promote learning at the desired level.

We are setting up a virtual library under the Microsoft SharePoint platform to allow the liberalization of literary works to a larger part of the population. This library will be available to the academies of arts and letters of the world to extend to the world our African culture in writing.

We greatly need your financial support and partnership to continue our efforts to publish, publish and support African writers who are in danger. We count on you all !

Act SEPT has been involved in the literary arts since 1994. Mr. Adama Traoré, president and founder of the association have published several literary works, plays, novels, essays, he is even a pamphleteer.

To publish good fiction, the author must have a solid training, the art of writing is not limited to the knowledge of a language, but to be able by his creativity to tell stories that make us discover and transport in a captivating imaginary world.

The best books have been scripted in different formats, think of theater, television series, cinema. This specialty of fiction writing requires dynamic factors of dialogue, time, rhythm and consistency. African writers who write fiction have an overflowing imagination and are able to produce works of high quality.

We solicit your support, financial or collaboration to allow its authors to realize their dreams and yours !

Collections are a literary form historically built on stories from storytellers from generation to generation. From this oral tradition, collections are of paramount importance for the durability of African culture.

Today, Acte SEPT engages with authors to publish and promote all kinds of collections, historical, ethnic, anthropological, descriptive and technical in the purest African tradition.

Whether it is about relations between peoples, generations, centers of interest, French-speaking Africa has gone through the times with peculiarities that must be collected and perpetuated.

As much for academics, industry people and those interested in collections of life in Africa through times, traditions or trades, they are a source of knowledge that is now shareable and diffusable by technological means. We need you to promote this literary genre filled with universal knowledge.

Literary Arts




Since its creation in 1994, Acte SEPT has set itself the mission of creating directories of artists and works in all types of arts.

For example, in order to support the women of Sikasso who sang in the fields before the advent of mechanization and the religious segregation of which they are victims, Acte SEPT published a repertoire of its women instrumentalists and songs in order to register them officially. in the guild of the artists of Mali to preserve their copyrights since several other artists appropriated their works without their consent. These women are struggling to survive, they have been doing this job for decades, they are the soul of Africa, they deserve our support.

We could present you several other examples of directories, we ask you to participate with us in their publications in order to record cultural life in French-speaking Africa.

We are convinced that the faculties of music, arts and letters, international conservatories would be delighted to have the opportunity to include these directories in their teaching programs.

Africa needs all of you, be active and help spread the world's culture by enriching French-speaking African culture.

Monographs are of paramount importance in specialization. The definition is meant to be a complete and detailed study on a specific subject. The subjects to be studied and detailed are not lacking in Africa.

We have published several monographic publications on topics as different as vary in the world of culture. Come see our directory of monographs and we will be happy to share this information with you.

Art professions are at the same level of education and specialization as other sectors of activity in Africa. Without hiding it, the level of education has significant deficiencies and the level of skills needs to be raised to make appropriate knowledge transfers.

Africa in the education sector, especially in the arts sector, desperately needs support of all kinds. If you can do anything to help us raise the standards, we are very willing to work with you to get the foundation stone of an arts education system and to have the tools to get started. our Academy of Arts and Letters in Bamako, Mali.

You can visit the Academy tab which briefly presents our project to realize.

From repertoires and monographs, Acte SEPT has also published learning manuals on different aspects of culture.

Whether for stage trades, technical and scenography teams, learning manuals were produced as part of their projects, including to feed their training workshops.

Another favored sector is for textbooks learning traditional musical instruments in Africa. These instruments have a long history and we wanted to capture the oral and magisterial teachings through learning materials.

So our participants were able to benefit from these learning manuals in our different workshops, we still have a lot of work to do to complete and enrich our collection. We need you.

So, we have an impressive collection of learning manuals that may be useful for your teaching in your faculties, conservatories or other educational organizations.

If you feel interested in our collection of learning manuals, do not hesitate to contact us, we can give you all the information required. We need partners like you !