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Since 1994, Act SEPT provides training in the arts and literature trades. She has developed a unique expertise in West Africa that she wants to expand and develop on a larger scale.


That is why we invite you to come and encourage us and support us in this project of paramount importance in the difficult situation that is found in Mali today.

This project consists in establishing a higher education site by creating an academy of arts and letters, teaching tools and multimedia professions and finally to consolidate the technological training of our students, specialized training in computer science related to multimedia, arts and letters. This complementarity of specialties will enable young talents to benefit from cutting-edge training in the pursuit of excellence to develop the arts in all aspects of the contemporary world.

Mali needs hope, skills and achievements.


In view of our values, we intend to build on our grounds in Bamako, an Academy of Arts and Letters, Multimedia and Computer Science with training premises, spaces for practical workshops, rehearsal rooms, libraries, reading rooms, auditorium for performances and rehearsals, premises specializing in performing arts professions such as costume designers, sound engineers, lighting designers, television productions, film editing, etc.

Based on concepts that already exist, in the interest of sustainable development, we want to build our infrastructure with recycled materials, build solar panels and wind turbines to respect ecosystems in its implementation.


We are counting on your active participation in funding this wonderful project. Culture has always been the poor relation of the financiers, it still represents the energy, the hope and the realization of many talents at the service of others. Who could organize a general meeting, an annual meeting or simply highlight an important event without including an artistic performance. Who could do without his culture, even living abroad? In Mali, the priorities are about the basic needs of its population, but how can this population still hope without access to the arts and artistic services of its nation?


We have over the years established several student exchanges with artists from outside who came to enrich themselves with African culture. In the difficult times that Mali has been going through for a few years, these exchanges are very limited, if not non-existent. We also want to promote African culture with our peers in all countries by offering distance learning through new technologies and internet to reconcile with our peers in a context where travel in Mali has become too risky due to violence and insecurity.


We have prepared a summary presentation of our capital project totaling US $ 5 million, Euro 4.5 million or CFA 3 billion.


If you want this summary, please feel free to reach us at :






We need your help to make this immobilization a reality in a modern, eco-responsible infrastructure and for the benefit of African culture and the world.



If you wish to have a brief summary of the project immediately, you can download on this button: